Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Favorite Tree

First: Many thanks to Carma at Lantern Moon who saw my last post and generously offered to put a new 10.5 in post to me. You can't beat that for great customer service!

My favorite dogwood tree is gloriously in bloom. OK, the iconic four petals are actually bracts, not petals, but who's counting? I have been watching this tree through every season for over a decade now. For the last few years I have made it my own little photography project. Here is a slide show of this wonderful tree through the seasons: The Dogwood Tree

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Speed Bump

The perfect activity while home sick (snuffle, snort, grab a tissue) would be to work on a somewhat brainless knitting project, for which I am facing a serious deadline. Sadly, just as I have reached the sick-enough-to-not-leave-home phase, my pretty-but-pricey Lantern Moon ebony 10.5 has self destructed. Major sigh. I don't have another 10.5 long enough to continue the project. (It's a present, so no details or images until it is done and gifted. OK - you can see a sneak peek in the picture above.) I think I will take the Kleenex box and go back to bed.

.... A much needed nap later....

I found an aged, but still viable, tube of super glue in the garage. It seems to be holding so far.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Mother Nature is granting northern Nevada with a few days of unseasonably warm weather. Two days of temps in the 80s and, wonder of wonders, on a weekend! It would have been a crime to stay indoors! Sadly I have lots and lots of work to accomplish before Monday morning rolls around. Yesterday I took the laptop out to my "outdoor office" in the back yard and labored under the boughs of the gloriously blossoming cherry tree. Knowing Sunday would require an entire afternoon inside a building, far from even a decent window, I soaked up as much spring ambiance as possible. Today I go to work (Kleenex in hand to deal with the, um, overabundance of spring ambiance) and will toil at the computer with visions of cherry blossoms in my head.

Thursday, April 03, 2008