Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Final finished project for 2007


Details for the fiber fan: Merino wool grown by W-bar-M Wool in northern Nevada, carded into roving by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. Dyed, spun and knit by me. I adapted the pattern panel from the Wyvern Woman's Sock Pattern.

Coming soon: a list of 2007 craft accomplishments.

On a non-fiber note, check out the cool ornament Sharon gave me - it even has the same blue stripe as my little vintage trailer!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

So very close...

While Zach hangs with his buddy Santa, I am still busy with numerous preparations for Christmas. I thought I had finished shopping, then found a name on my list I missed. I thought I had all the presents wrapped, then stumbled upon a missed one. I thought I had roasted enough pecans but I am now running out of tins. This Christmas is really wearing me down. While I double check the slow progress through my todo list, I am longing to get back to my knitting. I have a pair of socks so close to being done that I can almost feel them on my feet. Just a half inch plus toe on one and an inch plus toe on the other. So close and yet so far! I may not be able to work on them before the new year. And I was so hoping to add them to my modest list of 2007 Finished Objects!

Here's hoping for a little relaxing knitting time for all in the coming weeks!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pecans, lots and lots of pecans

I have just triumphantly removed the last batch of rosemary-cayenne roasted pecans from the oven. That makes 20 lbs of them (even heavier with all that butter). I wasn't going to make them this year, but a few folks (I won't say who) begged. I have 4 pans that can roast 1 lb each, so I production lined it. This is the 4th or 5th year I have made them so I have the process down to an exact science. In the 10 minutes it takes a batch to roast I am melting butter, measuring spices, openning pecan bags, mixing butter/spice/nuts together, removing butter wrappers from the cat, cleaning pans for the next batch, etc. 20 lbs takes about 6 hours and leaves behind a very buttery kitchen. And a heavenly smell. I only burnt myself once this year! Tomorrow, when they are completely cool, I will package them in tins. (Yes, Dad, you are getting another decorative tin. Just be glad I only do this once a year.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007


This is what has been keeping me away from blogging. I am pleased to say that all the boxes to be mailed went out this morning. I wrapped the presents in gold paper (not recycled, but using up existing closet stock), tied them with purple knitting ribbon, and used key tags as gift tags. Kudos to any diligent reader of my blog who remembers why I have a stash of key tags! I think they look kinda cool, anyway.
Here's a tip: my scissors had gone AWOL so I used the rotary cutter and mat I have left from all the sewing for the trailer. It was great! I was able to cut the paper straighter and faster than ever with the scissors. Made a big job so much more manageable.

Now I just need to start wrapping the presents I get to deliver personally. Then it is Santa Time! :-)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Too busy with Christmas knitting for a proper post

During this busy holiday season we take time out for a gratuitous cat picture. Clara is, no doubt, dismayed by how fast Christmas is coming.