Monday, June 29, 2009

The Orange Hallway

This one is a bit daring, but I'm happy with it anyway. I burned and painted the bulletin board frame to add to the festive color scheme. I used the yellow from the bedroom to paint the linen cupboard doors.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More home work

I have learned many lessons in the course of home improvement projects. This week's lesson is that the ease of a painting project is directly related to how many doorways the space has. One would think that painting the hallway in a little house like mine would be a quick and easy job. Not so. There are ten openings into the hallway: front door, kitchen, livingroom, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, linen closet, pantry closet, and furnace closet. Each opening, plus the ceiling-wall interface must be taped and then cut in with a brush. And every couple of feet along the hall required dismounting, moving, and remounting the step ladder. By the time I finished priming both walls and ceiling I felt like I had spent hours in a particularly brutal step-exercise class. Hopefully the heavy-duty ibuprofen will work its magic and I will be ready to tackle painting the ceiling tomorrow night and the walls Wednesday night.

Here's some pictures of the process so far:

Damaged drywall,

Repaired drywall (I learned this process in a home repair class taken at the local community college),

and wall primed and ready for painting.

And for those who have asked - the purple hoody is coming along nicely. Just half a sleeve, the hood, 2 pockets and the button band to go!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Overdue Project Report

The striped pieces on the bed will be sewn into pillows. The colors in the South American weaving (last picture) will really pop when I hang it on the yellow wall. The little lamp on the bedside table was an ugly bargain purchase that I sanded, painted with the Mango trim paint, then varnished.

Next project: painting the hallway "Mango Madness".