Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post-Christmas Reveal

First, someone has asked the status of my modular shawl, so I have decided to start each post (until it is complete) with the tally: 21 squares completed out of 45 so far.

The teaser pictures of work in progress were of a series of boxes I decorated to give to family members for Christmas. The presents have all been opened, so I can now share more pictures with you. These are cigar boxes that I "upcycled" by sanding, woodburning, painting and varnishing. You can see a gallery of close up images, along with a few shots of my work area, HERE. These boxes took more hours than you might expect, but I think the results are worth it. I like them, anyway. I was not able to make enough for my numerous family, so those who didn't receive hand-made gifts can look forward to something special next year.

A final note to wrap up the Name-the-Bear issue: Despite the many suggestions (both online and off) inspired by his flight jacket, I do plan a change of attire and Laura's suggestion of Seamus has won. Winston was a close second. I will be sure to post a new picture when I get around to knitting him the sweater.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This bear needs a name

I have been absent from the blog world because I have been busy working on Christmas secrets. Tonight I zipped by Nevada Fine Arts for supplies, then took a brief frivolous meander through the "antique" mall next door. Among the tattered issues of Life, chipped ashtrays touting tourist destinations, and other dubious collectibles, sat this bear looking clearly depressed. I looked a bit closer and saw that his aviator jacket declared him to be a Bialosky Bear. I already have a treasured Bialosky Bear that my mother brought out every Christmas to sit among the garlands on top of the bookcases. Today's bear was exceedingly thriftily priced, and without intervention faced a grim future as a "collectible". I still almost passed him by, until I read the small print on his jacket: "100% Loyal and True". And such an earnest expression. He came home with me.

First job was to clean up a few stiff spiky patches. Seems this bear had a close encounter with peanut butter. What peanut butter eater would give up such a loyal bear?

Since I already have a Bialosky, this bear needs his own name. So please help out by suggesting a name.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow day!

Campus is closed today due to weather. It is a sudden windfall of time. Sure, there is plenty of work I can do from home, and the snow means plenty of shoveling to come, but somehow a snow day makes one feel like a kid released from school. I think I will start by crawling back into bed to a bit....