Friday, December 24, 2010

Silver-Button Mitts

As a holiday gift to my loyal readers, here is a pattern I have created for fitted mitts that button at the wrists. The cuffs are knitted sideways in garter stitch.

Silver-Button Mitts

Size: Woman's medium (to adjust size you can add extra rows above thumb and/or adjust needle size for slightly different gauge)

Gauge: 5ss per inch (or slightly less if very stretchy yarn)
Needles: U.S. size 7 double points
Crochet hook required for button loops
stitch holder or scrap yarn for parking thumb stitches
safety pins to mark button loop locations

Yarn:Approximately 170 yards worsted weight. You can use any yarn that will get the gauge, but make sure it has some stretch (linen would be a bad choice). For my pair I used a strand each of Mirasol Nuna (40% wool/40% silk/20% bamboo) and Punta Yarns Kid Mohair Hand Paint, held together.

Four 3/4inch buttons


ss = stitches
k = knit
M1 = Make One increase
ktbl = knit through back loop
ssk = slip slip knit
k2tog = knit two together
p = purl


- cast on 15 stitches
- knit every row until fabric has 30 garter ridges
- cast off all but last stitch

- using the remaining stitch as the first stitch, pick up (along the long edge of the cuff) 1 stitch in each garter ridge. (total 31ss)
- divide stitches across double-pointed needles and join
- Knit 5 rounds

Thumb gusset:
- k1, M1, k13, M1, k3, M1, k13, M1, k1 (35ss)
- knit 2 rounds
- k15, M1, k5, M1, k15 (37ss)
- knit 2 rounds
- k15, M1, k7, M1, k15 (39ss)
- knit 12 rounds

Separate for thumb:
- k16, put 7ss on holder, cast on 3, k16 (35ss)

- k16, ktbl 3, k16
- knit 4 rounds
- k14, ssk, k3, k2tog, k14 (33ss)
- knit 1 round
- k1, k2tog, k27, ssk, k1 (31ss)
- k13, ssk, k1, k2tog, k13 (29ss)
- Knit 1 round
- k2tog, k to end (28ss)
- switch to k1,p1 rib and continue for 8 rounds
- cast off in rib (not too tight)


- put stitches from holder onto 2 double-pointed needles
- using a 3rd needle and leaving a 6 inch yarn tail, pick up 5ss along inside of thumb (12ss)
- knit 3 rounds
- change to k1,p1 rib and continue for 8 rounds
- cast off in rib
- use yarn tail to close any gaps appearing at base of thumb

Weave in all ends.

Make a second mitt just like the first.

Now the tricky bit:

Important: The button loops on the left mitt will be attached to the left side of the cuff opening and the loops on the right mitt will be attached to the right side of the cuff opening. (Try on the mitts and this will become apparent.)

- Mark locations along cuff opening for 2 loops using safety pins - 3/4 inch from top and 3/4 inch from bottom of opening.
- starting at bottom of opening, single crochet into edge stitches until you reach the first pin
- make 2 inch single-crochet chain, then attach back to last edge stitch crocheted into (forming button loop), and crochet into edge stitches up to next pin
- make a second 2 inch crochet chain and attach as before. Single crochet up to top of opening
- weave in ends
- Sew on buttons opposite from button loops, 1 inch in from edge of cuff opening.

- Repeat for second mitt, being careful to put the button loops on the opposite edge of the cuff opening (for opposite hand).

Enjoy your toasty-warm mitts and have a happy 2011!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Glorious December Day

On Saturday the weather was so nice that I drove back from the Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers' holiday party in Carson City via East Lake Blvd, all the way in shirtsleeves with the convertible top down. I stopped to take a few pictures in Washoe Lake State Park. A beautiful winter day in the high desert!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow in the Sierras

November 26th, Plumas National Forest, up past Frenchman's Lake. (And yes, it is the full color image.)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Inkle garland

Another use for a nice long inkle band.