Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pending Projects

My current project list is a bit, um, scary. And it does not include books to be read or job stuff. Perhaps this is why blogging has fallen by the wayside?


  • Mitered Square Shawl
  • Alpaca cardigan
  • Backpack
  • Northern lights scarf
  • Zaurball shawl
  • Emerald sweater
  • Cover for lumbar cushion
  • Lace vest from takli spun cotton

Wood burning:

  • Kitchen table
  • Cabinet knobs - Kitchen
  • Knobs hall
  • Earring frame
  • Sideboard
  • Desk
  • library boxes
  • Library stool
  • Plant stand table
  • Laptop tray table
  • Bat house
  • Vintage box with metal strap
  • Box for interchangeable needles
  • Camp stool
  • Mirror frame for master bath


  • Rock wall
  • Move remaining rock to back yard
  • Dig out grass in NW corner
  • Plant white lavender along wall
  • Add yarrow and another lower plant along front of house
  • Move leopard plant to back yard
  • Terrace upper end of back yard
  • Build small deck for tea house
  • Prune dead limbs off lilac
  • Prune mock orange
  • Dig out grass in backyard
  • Lay out path in backyard
  • Acquire and spread mulch in backyard
  • Prune shrubs under porch
  • Install drip in backyard
  • Terrace lower end of backyard and install pavers
  • Repaint back porch
  • Buy bench for lower end of back yard
  • Paint mural on back fence
  • Acquire and install rush fencing along chain-link
  • Repair gate
  • Repair concrete front steps
  • Repair concrete back steps
  • Plant solar lights
  • Repair and reinstall broken siding piece

Inside big jobs:

  • Finish scraping kitchen floor
  • Paint kitchen walls, ceiling, cabinets
  • Replace hall bath sink
  • Prepare walls and paint hall bath
  • Tile hall bath floor
  • Replace master bath sink
  • Tile master bath floor
  • Paint master bath
  • Replace light fixture in master bath
  • Wash all windows
  • Replace cracked garage window with stained glass

Other projects:

  • Outfit picnic basket
  • Sew picnic blanket
  • Sew and block print canvas slipcover for couch
  • Make duvet cover for bedroom
  • Rehem bedroom curtains
  • Make slipcovers for library chairs
  • Organize Yosemite pictures and format book
  • Organize fiber room
  • Finish tweaking Country Craftsman Wheel
  • Mount niddy noddies on wall

On another note, I am testing out Blogsy iPad App, so just ignore the picture and link:



Sunday, June 09, 2013

Spindle Camp 2013

It was warm. Really warm.

It was also great fun.  We hung out and spun/knitted/chatted/ate/drank/laughed and hung out in Lake Francis during a record-breaking heat wave. Some folks made great progress on projects.  I miscalculated a bit by bringing a nearly finished wool shawl to knit. No matter how light and airy, a lapful of wool in 104 degree heat is a bad idea. So I mostly spun cotton on a takli.  I did bring the firebird wheel, but didn't use it much either. Progress was not really the point anyway; it was all about laughing, chatting and sharing ideas with other fiber addicts.

Some folks brought stuff to sell.  Sharon wove these gorgeous towels that I snapped up for the little trailer.

We had a "pirate" exchange and I am going home with some great yarn. 

Here's a video Lucy took of Barbara Sue: