Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day devoted to Craft

Today was the second half of my 2-part workshop on Japanese Wood Block Printing. Everyone had their blocks carved, so we went right to work printing. During the course of the day I made 9 prints, each with 3 seperate colors printed from seperate blocks. Although I can't claim any great results, I did learn a lot from each print run. Here is the best of them. Not exactly what I was going for, but what I've learned can be applied to better planned future projects.

After the class (and after a shopping spree in the Museum Shop) I took a tour of local thrift shops to buy stuff to use in my mosaic class. I am now the proud owner of a mass of ugly, but interestingly colored or textured, china. Plus I bought several wooden boxes, bookends, and a tray that could be the base to mosaic on top of. The best scores were from the bargain room of the local Good Will. There the posted price is $1 per pound, but the clerk eyeballed my shopping cart full of china and charged me only $14! And that included a cool vintage wall sconce that I may clean up, rewire and install somewhere.

Now on to knitting before bed.


Sharon said...

I saw a program and demonstration of wood block printing at the Asian Art Museum when it was still housed at the *old* DeYoung Museum. The demonstration was offered as part of the exhibit of James Mitchener's Hokusai print collection. I am jealous that you got do more than watch someone else make the prints.

Birdsong said...

I am a bit envious of your crafty weekends, and looking forward to carving out some time for myself soon.