Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back to the Garden

After a week of work, work, work, it was great to get outside and do a little gardening. The lavender blooms are about ready to pop open. I check every day, hoping to celebrate the first sign of purple. Despite having pulled out most of the rock soapwort last year, it has reappeared and is blooming away cheerfully. More importantly, the potentilla that Linda gave me has once again overcome my abuse and rebounded back to life.
On Saturday I visited Dry Creek Nursery in search of more Lena's broom. They were all out for now, so after reserving 3 from the next shipment, I browsed around and adopted 3 "Blue Cushion" lavenders (one can never have too many lavender) and 3 lemon thyme. I bought them small - small plants mean small holes to dig with my newly back-to-business elbow. And they are awfully cute, too, like a little kitten or puppy, but with no housebreaking required.

In a fit of ambition I even turned my mind toward beginning The Wall. First step is to dig a foundation ditch to lay the first rank of stones. Since my yard slopes, hosing down the area to soften the dirt doesn't really work. So I evicted a nest of ants from under the soaker hose in the back yard and spread the hose along the future wall site. At that point my ambition wore out. I'll soak the area a bunch this week and start the digging next weekend.
Meanwhile I'll keep checking for the first lavender blooms.


Sharon said...

Wow - you're lavendar is super healthy looking. Mine is so beat up from winter that it looks like the native plants - not pretty. I hope you have enough extra for me!

Birdsong said...

The sun is nearing its height and the plants are growing accordingly... it seems you could measure growth in inches per day. I am envious of the hedge-like appearance of your lavender and have to seriously cut back mine to get rid of woody stuff in the middle. Any leads on indigo plants? Woad? Broomsedge? can you tell I am wishing for a dye garden?