Thursday, June 05, 2008

Way behind

No, I have not dropped off the planet. I have just been totally consumed with non-bloggable activities. These include work, and ... well, mostly just work. This totally busy time will pass, but for now I have to shoehorn in other activities were I can. I was going to comment on how unnaturally hot it was. Then I was going to comment on how unnaturally wet and cold it was. Now it is pretty much normal, so there isn't much to say about it.

I did manage to finish the white cotton sweater, except for sewing on the buttons - hand sewing even something as simple as buttons is something I actively procrastinate.

My most treasured progress has been on the foundation ditch for my rock wall. It will be a low dry-stack wall, so I dug a ditch about 10 inches deep and spread sand in it. The sand is to give a nice level surface for the first rank of ledger stone. In a flash of inspiration I used the "car-weight" sand bags that were taking up space in my garage. I used to put these bags in the back of my pickup each winter to add traction. Now I have a heftier 4-wheel-drive, so the sand can go to a higher (or lower) purpose. And tada! I have more space in my garage! I need to pick up one more bag of sand, then I will be able to start moving rocks. I hope to place at least a ceremonial first stone this weekend.

Meanwhile, with absolutely no help from me, the garden has sprung to life. The lavender has sent up bloom stalks, the curl-leaf mahogany have become proper willowy shrubs, and, after a severe pruning, the Perovskia have filled in with dense crops of new leaves. Every year since I bought the house the pink peony has given forth exactly 2 blossoms. Sure enough - 2 more this year.

On the knitting front, I have frogged the recycled-sari-silk bag and restarted it to my own pattern. It will be handbag-sized using squares on both front and back and a shaped strap that forms bottom, sides and strap. Hard to describe, but I have a vision. I'll post pictures if it works out. The surprise project I have previously alluded to is still in progress, so no pictures of that for now.

That is about all for now. I'll take pictures of my ceremonial first rock. Maybe I should break a bottle over it....


magnusmog said...

Good luck with the wall - I'd recommend drinking the bottle first

Mim said...

Yes drink the contents of the bottle and get to the "surprise project" I've been waiting!

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

You'll have to wait until the second week of July for the surprise project. I won't post pictures until after it is gifted. Mim, you've already seen it in progress. Now I'm on a race to the finish.

Sharon said...

In spite of being under construction, your yard is already an improvement over what you inherited.