Monday, June 22, 2009

More home work

I have learned many lessons in the course of home improvement projects. This week's lesson is that the ease of a painting project is directly related to how many doorways the space has. One would think that painting the hallway in a little house like mine would be a quick and easy job. Not so. There are ten openings into the hallway: front door, kitchen, livingroom, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, linen closet, pantry closet, and furnace closet. Each opening, plus the ceiling-wall interface must be taped and then cut in with a brush. And every couple of feet along the hall required dismounting, moving, and remounting the step ladder. By the time I finished priming both walls and ceiling I felt like I had spent hours in a particularly brutal step-exercise class. Hopefully the heavy-duty ibuprofen will work its magic and I will be ready to tackle painting the ceiling tomorrow night and the walls Wednesday night.

Here's some pictures of the process so far:

Damaged drywall,

Repaired drywall (I learned this process in a home repair class taken at the local community college),

and wall primed and ready for painting.

And for those who have asked - the purple hoody is coming along nicely. Just half a sleeve, the hood, 2 pockets and the button band to go!


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Wow! What a difference a bit of spakle and primer make! Not to mention back-breaking, sweaty work! Very nice Amy, Im going to have to come and visit again soon to check on progress :)

magnusmog said...

The fixed drywall looks so satisfying - nice work!

Sharon said...

Sigh - I need to see your home once against. It's pathetically been years, and post-Alaska, I shall. Thanks for the provisional cast-on lesson. I'm still a little intimidated but will practice. Loved the visit and thanks for the tour - WOW!!!!!