Sunday, November 28, 2010

Belt Shuttles

Friday I was happy to visit with Laura, who was in town for Thanksgiving with her family. Sadly our visit was way too short. Laura brought me a nice fibery present - Books on weaving and basketry, some Ashford bobbins, and a belt shuttle. One of the books, Peter Collingwood's Techniques in Tablet Weaving, renewed my unfullfilled fascination with learning to card weave. I have done a few elementary peices, but I long to actually UNDERSTAND what I am doing. Perhaps I will make a study of it. The Collingwood book is a bit dense and intimidating, so I will start with Candace Crockett's Card Weaving, then work my way up.

The lovely dark wood (mahogany?) belt shuttle was looking a bit dry. A while back I acquired a birch (maple?) belt shuttle from Janet's husband, unfinished and ready for woodburning. The original plan was to woodburn and paint, but belt shuttles spend so much time in the hand. Acrylic paint and poly finish is too plastic to the touch. I decided to woodburn both shuttles and just oil them. That way the wood will develop a nice patina the more it is handled. I selected a fiberish quote for each, plus added simple designs along the wide edges.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Wish I could have been there, the visits we all have together are to few and far between.

Laura said...

The dark one is walnut. I'm glad I've provided you with inspiration! I knew when I was going through my mom's stuff last year that you, of all my friends, would appreciate these items.

She would be happy to know that her stuff is being loved.

Sharon said...

It's cool that both of us are invested with some of Jean's weaving things. Laura knew what to give to which of us. I have NO interest in belt weaving. That's something you and Linda Lou share.