Friday, May 27, 2011

Another blanket

My knitting efforts of the last few months have been limited to this wedding present for my niece and her intended.

The wedding was last weekend and was absolutely beautiful. It took place in the Dallas Arboretum and the rainy weather held off, providing just a romantic mist.

This blanket is made of two strands of KnitPicks Crayon cotton yarn - just the stuff for Texas dwellers with dog (cool and washable). The narrow stripes of dark rose are a nod to my niece's adoration with the color pink. I intentionally made the log cabin construction asymmetrical to give it a little bit of a modern twist.


Sharon said...

Another lovely wedding present from your needles!

Janbrarian said...

Really cool. I love the optical illusion effect.

Mim said...

Awesome! Amy