Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Table progress report

I'm moving along on creating a new table for the trailer. I spent several hours Monday evening drawing the design in pencil. Tonight I started the woodburning. I completed the general structure of the vines and the center part of the sun design in about 3.5 hours. I still have thousands of little leaves to burn and the rays of the sun before I can start painting. The grain in the plywood makes even burning pretty difficult.

Enough for tonight. I'll press on tomorrow evening.


Hannah said...

Amy - what a creative thing to liven up a dull table top! Sounds like the guild Christmas party went well, sorry I wasn't able to make it. I know you're busy, but if you get a chance pop over to my new blog - all about knitting, spinning and some weaving!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sharon said...

If this is anything like your wheel, it's going to be spectacular!