Friday, December 22, 2006

Wishing for Peace and Good Will for All!

I've been so very busy dealing with the detritus of a busy year that I keep forgetting to relax and enjoy the holiday season. To remind myself I look at the ornaments on my tree, each of them a record of special friends and good times, vacations and other travels through life. Some are made by my talented comrades in fiber art, others were picked up as souvenires to remind me of trips to special places, and still more are symbols of my shifting enthusiasms over the various stages of my life. All-in-all, my tree serves as a personal resume that tells all about my life, yet can only be read by me.

Happy holidays to you and yours!! May the new year add a few more treasured memories to next year's tree.


beryl said...

I hope you have a lovely holiday, Amy. Best wishes from both of us.

Sharon said...

I love that ornament. I ended up with two pumpkins and I need to take the time right now to go reflect on the memories that my ornaments bring, including the glass angel you deflected my way. See you next year, heh,heh,heh~

Birdsong said...

A lovely photo. Hope you are enjoying a lovely and peaceful holiday... my sentiments exactly!