Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On the Verge of Lots of Things

Just as spring should be, it is the beginning of lots of things. My elbow is slowly healing and I will soon be able to finish the stash-buster socks and consider my next sock project. I like to have something like socks or mittens continually on the needles for carrying about. There are some lace socks in the book "Lace Style" that I would like to try, but lace sort of defeats the purpose of carry-about knitting, which needs to be done in social spaces. For a month or two I have had the leftover yarn Sharon gave back to me sitting by my computer. It wants to be my next pair of socks, and might even look good in lace. I still have not tried spinning since I tend to spin in a modified long-draw with the fiber held off to the right. This technique would be extra hard on the left elbow. I need to not over-stress it if I want it fully working in time for Black Sheep Gathering.

On the concept that there is nothing wrong with my right hand, I will soon be launching into renovation of the outside of the little trailer. For that project I have purchased a variety of wire brushes and a stock of 120 grit sandpaper for the electric sander. The plan (for the moment) is to use the brushes to remove loose paint, sand over these areas to soften the edges, wash all surfaces with something like TSP, fill dents, replace loose nails with screws, tape, cover with Zinzer123 metal primer, then paint with elastomeric masonry paint. Why masonry paint, you ask? Because this special paint not only waterproofs, but it remains elastic enough to not crack when the metal surface expands and contracts with the temperature.
This is, of course, a theory. And the recommendation of my favorite paint guy at Home Depot. I have placed a query on a vintage trailer message board to see if anyone has experience to confirm or refute. The masonry paint is tintable and comes in 63 colors, a far better choice than the basic white offered in standard RV roof paint. Once I have painted the entire trailer blue, I can then go to town painting fluffy clouds and lush lavender plants. I figure the whole process may go over into next spring, but I would like to get the base color on by the end of the summer so I can feel confident about remaining waterproof. Tarping is always an option, but it is windy enough where I live that the flapping of the tarp can damage the trailer sides.


Sharon said...

Since the weather isn't cooperating with your outdoor plans, you'll have plenty of time to think about those socks!

BD said...

Have you checked out automotive paint? Sounds like a big project. Good luck!

P.S. I finally got to posting on my blog... not as entertaining as yours. B.