Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stash-Buster Socks Complete (and then some)

Knitting only a few rounds at a time was slow, but I finally finished knitting the ugly (thanks for the tactful comments, but yes, ugly) Stash-Buster Socks. Here they are in their full glory. I left them on the coffee table for a few days, just to see if they would suddenly exhibit previously hidden charm. They didn't. So to the dyepot they went. My dyepot and dye-crockpot are over at Linda's awaiting Saturday's Dye Workshop, so I prowled the house and garage in search of a container for dyeing. (Waiting until after the weekend did not occur to me.) The best I could come up with was a galvanized pail that once held a short-lived rosemary bush. I rinsed it out and tested it for leaks. Happily unleaky, I put it on the stove with a goodly amount of Landscape Mountain Blue. I threw the socks in and left them to simmer, anticipating the lovely colors that would be achieved with the delicate application of a small amount of blue. Sure, the galvanized pail might affect the color, but I didn't intend to leave them in very long.

Then I got distracted and completely forgot about the socks. Half an hour later I pulled out DARK blue socks. Only a little of the dye rinsed out. Nothing delicate about the colors now, but still more attractive than they started.

And the decorative pail works better as a dyepot than it ever did as a planter.

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Heidi said...

Very cool, Amy. I like them. Heidi