Monday, October 08, 2007

2007 Alpaca Festival

Saturday I drove up to Red Rock to attend the 5th Annual Alpaca Festival and to visit with Sharon. Linda and Mim were also at the Festival, so I got lots of hanging-out-in-the-sun-with-friends time in. The day started out cold and I was surprised by how much snow was still on the ground up there (it had all melted in Reno). Soon it warmed up, though, and it was mighty pleasant to sit and spin in the sunshine. The Festival is hosted by Sierra Nevada Alpacas. Jeannette has a large herd (flock?) of alpacas and it is great fun to hear the mama alpacas hum to their crias. Going back and forth from Sharon's to the Festival (we ran back to get Sharon's wheel and a bite to eat), I was able to try out the 4-wheel-drive on Mittens for the first time. (I love my new truck!)

After the Festival we went back to Sharon's Sage Creek Farm and Ian made us his fabulous burritos. I drove home across the beautiful high desert at twilight. You can't ask for a better Saturday than that.

And on Sunday I finished these socks. (For the fiberish among my readers: handspun blue-face Leicester, size 2 needles, short-row heel.)


Sharon said...

It was a perfect day and the socks are frosting on the (day) cake. They turned out great in spite of your feelings for the project

Birdsong said...

I am envious of your day with the alpacas! The socks are just great and will certainly keep the toes warm; even a 4WD can get stuck!

magnusmog said...

This looks like great fun and the socks are sooo cozy :)