Monday, October 01, 2007

Learning Scarf

Saturday I finished this scarf. Each step along the way was a little bit experimental. I spun the yarn a long time ago as a way to practice spinning a little bit chunkier (than my normal) yarn with oh-so-fine merino. Doubly a challenge, but it came out OK, if a bit, um, rustic. The skeins were tucked away for some time, then resurfaced at our everything-came-out-some-version-of-teal dye day. There I attempted to paint the yarn with very short color runs, in hopes of creating yarn that wouldn't get stripey when knit, yet would still have distinct colors. I think it worked! One more experimental step: I designed the lace pattern myself. Yes, I know it is relatively simple and I'm sure it must be available in any basic lace book, but I really did create it on graph paper using my admittedly basic knowledge of how knitted lace behaves. The lace pattern further breaks up any tendency toward stripyness.

And being made of merino, it is very soft and snuggly. I have one more skein - a matching hat, perhaps?


Sharon said...

TAG!! Charlie is tagging Claire for a meme. Wanta play?!

MX said...

I love that color, it's great!