Monday, September 11, 2006

And thus begins the back yard....

Here's a picture of my newly furnished backyard office.

The view from the lounge chair is especially nice.

Today Wayne Johnson, State Horticultural Specialist and all-around nice guy, dropped by my office and gave me 4 grape seedlings (2 Suffolk Red and 2 Steuben). They were already acclimated and ready to be planted.

So.... Here's my back porch at 5:45pm.

Here it is at 6:25pm.

And 35 minutes, 4 holes, and 2 smashed irrigation pipes later, the grapes are in the ground. The perforated irrigation pipe is part of a leaky in-ground system that I do not use, so I refuse to worry about it.

This weekend I'll have to finally get around to installing the back yard drip system.


Sharon said...

Looks like it's going to be a social place for an afternoon visit.

Birdsong said...

Love the backyard office:) How does your staff feel about this?