Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brief scarf interval

My Oh-So-Boring Socks have gone into the seventh inning stretch. I have turned both heels and now must knit down to the toes. For some reason, this always feels like it takes forever. So I have taken a brief break to knit a quick scarf for a friend's birthday using two strands of funky eyelash yarn and size 17 needles. Now it is back to the socks. Sigh. On the plus side, today I purchased a lovely padded lounge chair for the back yard, so I can knit while reclining under the shady canopy of the cherry tree, listening to all the birds hanging out in my giant lilac bush.


Sharon said...

The scarf is lovely, but did you actually knit your bear a pair of his own socks?!

Birdsong said...

Sometimes satisfaction is what we need! The bear looks really cute in your scarf.