Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lace interval

The trailer table is finished and installed (pictures coming soon), and there are lots of other trailer projects to dive into, but it is time for a diversion. I am currently obsessed by lace knitting. I don't think of myself as a lacey person, and noone would think of me in delicate, girlie terms, but the urge to knit lace is overwhelming. Perhaps it is the magic that appears when you block a shapeless tangled-looking mass and it turns into an intricately patterned airy garment. Recently I have been working on this Seraphim Shawl. (As you can see it is still in the shapeless mass stage.) Just as my efforts began to flag, I encountered the recently published "Victorian Lace Today". This beautiful book inspired me to launch into the shawl's lace charts with enthusiasm and to order up the pattern for "Delicato Mitts" from


Sharon said...

When will the lace bug hit me?! I am so left out (wailing and gnashing of teeth)

Hannah said...

Ahha - I have that book, too! Love it!! I also got Folk Shawls and have already done a couple of projects out of that book. I will bring for show n tell at the guild meeting in a couple of weeks. Hannah