Saturday, February 17, 2007

I have Curtains!!!

In a burst of energy I sewed up the trailer's curtain panels. I didn't want the standard gathered curtains because they wouldn't open enough to completely clear the windows. I wanted something bold and bright, yet simple and in keeping with my folk art theme. So I conceived flat curtain panels with metal rings at the corners that could be hung on simple cup hooks.
Finding the metal rings turned out to be the hard part. I ended up using key tag rings, removing the cardboard tag bit. This worked increadibly well, and was really inexpensive. The cup hooks are small enough to not drill all the way through the trailer wall, yet large enough to hook more than one ring, allowing several open-or-closed configurations of the panels, or even rolling the panels completely up out of the way. All the panels are dark purple on the outside so that they will go with the eventual paint scheme. Inside, they are batiks in colors to match the painted table and picture frames.
As you can see, I REALLY need to get rid of the blue on the seat cushions. Sigh - more sewing.


Sharon said...

I'm still learning about color harmonies - haven't finished reading the book yet - but it sure looks good to me with the seat covers as they are. Maybe it looks better in the picture than in person???

Hannah said...

It's coming together so nicely. The curtains really bring it together. By the way here is the link to my blog page: