Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interim Report

Here are a few pictures from projects underway:

First, here is a picture for Birdsong - I finished my first Delicato Mitt. Definitely not a beginner pattern! I am knitting them from handspun alpaca. Once done, I will overdye them to cut down on the icky pinkness.

Second, here is a picture for Barb. This is the batik fabric I found for my trailer curtains. I have cut them all out and still need to sew them up. Good thing there is a 3-day weekend coming!

And last, here is another teaser picture of my mystery project. More about that in a later post.


Sharon said...

You seem to have this lace pattern down and I don't know. I get snakes giving birth to other snakes. I know what knitting I'll be bringing to our next KIP lunch.

Birdsong said...

Are you sure you want to overdye them? They remind me of Creamsicles! (yum!!)