Sunday, February 11, 2007

Seraphim complete!

I am happy to announce the successful birth of my Seraphim Shawl. Finishing an actually useful shawl is quite a triumph for me (having started and not completed at least a half dozen). Here it is being blocked on my futon bed. I don't have carpeting, so it is the only pinnable surface large enough. Even so, the ends had to be pinned off the edges of the bed. The yarn is 50% mohair, 50% wool that I bought as pre-dyed roving from BearDog Yarns at Black Sheep Gathering. The color was listed as "Spring Leaves". My original plan was to spin the yarn for a sweater, but I am much happier having it as a shawl. I like the way the variation of color worked up. Part way through knitting it, I realised my row guage was way smaller than the pattern called for so I added about 20% more pattern repeats. The result is an extremely generous sized shawl. Better over large than over small!
I wanted to take a pretty picture of it outside, but it is still cloudy and muddy and wintery-looking, so the best I could do looks pretty pallid. Trust me, the color is far more vibrant.Now back to making curtains. I have the fabric cut out and need to start sewing.

Meanwhile, here's a preview of another project:


Sharon said...

I actually got to try on this lovely shawl yesterday - lovely, lovely, lovely. The picture doesn't do justice to the color gradations.

beryl said...

It's a beautiful piece, Amy. I wish I could see the colors in person -- maybe at this year's fair?

marjorie said...

Your Seraphim shawl is beautiful. I'm making one now, and I'm just up to the lacy border. I hope it turns out as nicely as yours did

Ian said...

What a beautiful piece of art !!!