Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Deceptive Packaging

In order to create a little more space for some of my many handthrown pottery mugs, I purchased a couple of corner shelf kits. The packaging showed the little white shelf happily holding up a few knick-knacks and the instructions said it would be a snap to install, all hardware included, quick and easy.

It lied.

Installation of these two little shelves took 3 hours, a drill and 8 drill bits, 6 screwdrivers, plyers, a rubber mallet, a 2-inch pallette knife, a level, assorted extra screws, washers and nuts, a pencil, a size 3 knitting needle, and lots of swearing. Somewhere in the process I lost one of the drill bits. Hopefully it didn't go down the drain, since most of the installation required sitting in the kitchen sink. It didn't help that I had to keep evicting the cat from the stepstool. Apparently she didn't mind the swearing.

So I say to you: if you buy a cute little shelf kit with simple instructions, be very skeptical.

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Sharon said...

I think I laughed at this post as much as I laughed at your email when you tiled the fireplace. Clara looks very content. Charlie was trying to occupy my lap, along with the laptop but has thrown in the towel and is on the sofa, though I'm sure he's like a stool of his own.