Friday, August 25, 2006

Fair Fun

Today was the second day of the Fair. The Guild's tent is huge, and many of the Fair competition entries will not come in until the last minute (noon, Friday). Lots of folks have been wonderful, coming every day to demonstrate spinning and weaving to anyone who wanders in, especially kids. We don't close up the tent each night until after 10:00pm. I was able to get away some during the afternoon to wander about and see the Fair. I'm not one for carnival rides, but I do love the livestock and kids and just plain happy chaos. Tomorrow I hope to get out and about some more. The big events for fiber fanatics are Saturday and Sunday, so I need to do the rest of my wandering on Friday.

I hope I don't miss the "Most Creative Use of Duct Tape competition. I did get to see the goat races! ;-)


Birdsong said...

The goat races must have been hysterical! Glad you are getting out to enjoy parts of the fair; next year, make sure they let people carrying spindles in free, too!

beryl said...

Igor and I had great fun at the fair yesterday -- although, I admit to leaving my checkbook home on purpose:-) I couldn't even look at the bags with all of that lovely fleece -- way too much temptation. Congratulations on the Best Handspun Skein!