Tuesday, April 17, 2007

GiddyUp Part 2: Bisbee and a little bit of Tombstone

Several folks have asked to hear more about my recent trip with the little trailer, so here is another episode.

The first half of the Sisters on the Fly GiddyUp was held in Usery Park near Phoenix, AZ. All 100 vintage trailers were lined up together and much visiting (and partying) ensued. For the second half of the week the whole group moved to Tombstone. To get there, the trailers were divided into groups of 10 to 15 for caravaning the 200 miles.
Each caravan was led by an Arizona Sister, and with advance notice to avoid an accident which was clogging the highway north of Florence, we set off in about 20 minute intervals. My caravan took the back road down to Florence then headed over to I10. We took a wrong turn in Florence and got a bit lost in some farm fields. Eventually we made it triumphantly to The Tombstone RV park.
Happily it was after 2pm when we arrived, since for unknown reasons this park closes the bathrooms every day between 11am and 2pm.

For the two remaining full days of the GiddyUp, folks grouped up to tour Bisbee one day and Tombstone the other. I had the most fun in Bisbee! First we went on the Queen Mine Tour. They fitted us up with oilskin coats, hard hats, and heavy battery pack belts running hand-held lights. We rode a trolly down into the quite chilly mine, getting off occasionally to scramble up or down side tunnels. The guide for the tour was a retired miner and did a great job.

After the tour we went to the famous Dot's Diner for truly fabulous hamburgers.

Luckily there was room for our party of 6, since there are only 8 seats in the diner!

Dot's is right next door to the Shady Dell. The Shady Dell is famous to vintage trailer folks. It is a collection of restored (and decked out in themes) vintage travel trailers that serve as a hotel.
Folks come from all over to stay in the 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion, the 1957 El Rey, or any of the dozen or so others. We were allowed to peek into the ones not currently occupied.

After the Mine Tour, Dot's and the Shady Dell, there was a little time for dashing in and out of some of the many antique shops, then it was back to Tombstone for an evening at Cowboy Doug's.
Cowboy Doug, with the help of the Arthritis Boys String Band, served up good grub, cowboy poetry, and some rollicky old-time cowboy music.

Add in a beautiful sunset, and some late night singing and laughing around a campfire and the day was complete.

There is not as much to say about the following day in Tombstone. Tombstone is all tourist and all western-themed shopping. I had lunch with a big group at Big Nosed Kate's Saloon, and bought some cool old iron stove handles at the gift shop of the World's Largest Rosebush. (Rob and Dad will not be surprised to hear it is a Lady Banksia.) I did manage to make my very favorite purchase in Tombstone: I am now the proud owner of a fabulous bright red cowgirl hat!

And believe it or not... the final evening's entertainment was an Elvis impersonator. One has to wonder how much business there is in Tombstone for an Elvis impersonator.

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Sharon said...

You're saying the Elvis impersonator better not quit his day job? Great tour - thanks for sharing!