Sunday, April 08, 2007


Sorry to be slow to blog lately - I have been busy, busy, busy with... well, just stuff. Spring inspires me to start lots of new projects and spend hours organizing about the house and digging in the garden. Unfortunately, this spring is a little bit different. Alas, I am soon to be temporarily down to one usable hand. This means no knitting or spinning for an unspecified number of weeks, probably months! How will I stay sane? I am bursting with new project ideas and they'll all have to wait.
My current burning impulse is to use some amazingly bright orange and yellow wool to spin up and knit a lace shawl in a sunburst pattern. Here is a picture of the wool, though the photo doesn't do justice to the colors. Yes, I am still entranced with lace knitting. I just purchased a copy of Lace Style from Interweave Press. Very inspirational!

Mostly I have been working to get the garden ready to be self-sustaining for the summer. I trimmed all of last year's bloom stalks from the lavender and trimmed back the Caryopteris, Salvia, and Coreopsis. Unfortunately several of the lavender plants were damaged by frost and may be slow coming back. Only one may be a total loss, but I am not giving up on it yet. I reinstalled the drip timer, with new battery and new programming, so the front yard should be good to go. I had hoped to start building my rock wall, but with elbow surgery on the horizon, it will just have to wait. I have mostly installed the main arteries, so to speak, of the backyard drip system and plan to finish it next weekend. I may not be planting new stuff this summer, but at least I can put the lilac and mock orange on drip.

I have also been attacking the house a bit. Something about spring, I guess. I am in the mood to do massive decluttering.

All this semi-focused tizzy has been exhausting! This afternoon I looked outside at the beautiful weather and decided to go AWOL. I settled myself under the blooming cherry tree in my "Outdoor Office", put some music on the iPod speakers, opened a cold Reed's Extra Ginger Ginger Brew, and knitted. Above was a canopy of cherry blossoms, which drifted down like snowflakes whenever the breeze freshened.
Next to me was my ancient (50-some, anyway) lilac bush, just at the edge of breaking into bloom. After I stayed settled for a bit, the throngs of quail returned to scuffle and strut about the yard, holding an active conversation as if I wasn't there. When it started to get cool I just wrapped myself in my Seraphim Shawl (which has turned out to be very handy) and kept on knitting.

As for my upcoming hiatus from 2-handed hobbies - I may have to pick up a few good books. Any suggestions?


beryl said...

I hope the surgery goes well and that you will a two hander again very soon.

Igor and I are listening to Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. To tell you anything about the story would be to ruin the "trip" for you, but we both are enjoying it immensely.

Sharon said...

You have so much on your plate yet you have accomplished so much. I'm glad the front yard is under control. I marvel at the large numbers of quail on your street. I think sitting in your outdoor office and listening to the quail could be quite karmic.