Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lack of Progress Report - or One-Handed Reflections

Here I am, complete with mummy-wrappings and an alpaca mitten. The splints inside the bandage keep the arm up, so the mitten is necessary to keep my elevated hand warm. My enforced one-handedness has made it very clear to me just how much of a fiber craft addiction one can have. I am longing to knit and spin and weave and dye and felt. I had planned to do a bit of dyeing, but have been stymied by the need to lift and empty the full dyepot. There is always Koolade dyeing by wrapping it in plastic wrap and microwaving, but I quickly discovered that manipulating plastic wrap with one hand is an exercise in extreme frustration.

So I wait. I surf the internet looking for new patterns. I make one-handed lists of future projects. I read fiber-themed mystery novels, knitting blogs, and old issues of Spin-Off. And I gaze longingly at my inactive wheels, spindles, needles, and fiber. I had no idea how hard this would be.

On the plus side, I can do some woodburning. As I say this, all the exposed wood surfaces in my house are cringing. Hmmm... perhaps a pattern of entwined snakes on the heater closet door... Or stars and planets on the door to my office... They are safe until the splint comes off and I can stop elevating the arm on stacks of pillows. After that, we'll see.


Sharon said...

Could be worse - could be raining...or your right arm. It's a good thing the mummy wraps are coming off because record high temps are predicted for this weekend and your central air is busted.

Laura said...

Wasn't wood burning how you got into trouble in the first place?