Monday, November 12, 2007

Closet full of fun

Friday night I did a bit of kamikaze dyeing. No planning ahead - just mixed up dye in plastic cups and went to work. I pulled merino roving, targhee roving and coopworth handspun out of my stash. Some I painted with dye, wrapped in plastic wrap, and steamed in the microwave. Some I immersion dyed. By the end of the evening I had a wealth of green and blue drying over the heat vents. Sunday, after smugly admiring the (now dry)results, I went back into my chaotic fiber room to put it away. I had an inspiration - since most of the roving was still on the plastic hangers used for drying, why not leave it on the hangers and park them in the closet? The resulting light and airiness (along with some of this year's lavender harvest)would discourage moths, and a simple glance into the closet would remind me what I had available next time I wanted to start a new project.

Once started, I got on a tear, hunting through bags and bins for dyed roving to hang in the closet. I am amazed at how much I had! And these are just some of the dyed rovings. Now if I can find a good way to store and display the fleece and the myriad of fiber equipment, I may be able to clear some floor space and change my "Fiber Room" to my "Fiber Studio".


Sharon said...

What a wonderful way to organize and display what you have available to spin. Kamikazee indeed!

Beryl Moody said...

Your closet is a joy to behold. Think of all the wonderful hours ahead spinning color, color, color.

Sara said...

I'll help clean up: just send me that red wool :)