Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fashionably coordinated

I made a reusable cup cozy to match my purse. It is knit and fulled from leftover wool/mohair handspun. The clip allows me to clip it to my purse. The dangling felted braid will eventually be inhabited by a few beads. I was looking at some other folks' cup cozies on the web and saw lots of indignant comments saying that they are not environmentally friendly, since one should really carry a reusable thermos or travel mug instead. Although I absolutely agree that a reusable mug is the green way to go, it is not always possible or practical to carry one around, especially while at work. This cozy I can stuff in my pocket or purse, and when it comes to going green, every bit helps.


Sharon said...

I am impressed that you were able to recreate your bag in the cup cozy and equally resentful that you have an accessible Starbucks and I do not.

MX said...

Great bag, great idea!!!