Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving was great fun. Sharon and Ian adopted me for the weekend and let me spend the holiday with their large rambunctious family. Friday we went up to Plumas National Forest, uphill from Frenchman's Lake, and cut Christmas trees. The trees are cut by permit from areas that are being thinned. I picked out a lovely little California fir. It is set up in my livingroom awaiting decoration.

Saturday, before heading back into town, I was able to make it to Joe Winter's semi-annual studio sale. He and his wife make fabulous pottery. There were lots of amazing pieces on display in the studio and outside in two sheds. (Yes, I shopped.) I was also able to get a look at his wood-fired kiln. I especially like the display space/grid he had on the outside of one of the sheds. I think it would be cool to build something like that on the outside of my back porch to display natural stuff like interesting rocks, etc.

Sunday I started another basket. I think it is important to practice a new skill right away, or it may get put away in a closet and forgotten. It is amazing how addictive this form of basketry is. Before Thanksgiving I collected a shopping bag full of cast off pine needles from the Jeffery pines behind the Ag Building on campus. These are about 8-12 inches in length and soften up nicely when soaked overnight. I am using artificial sinew that I bought at Tandy's Leathercraft for sewing the coils together. (It was sort of a trip back in time going to Tandy's, which I swear has the exact same collection of kits that they sold in the 1970s.) My second basket is much bigger than my first (about 3 inches in diameter) and will have a lid that I plan to add some beads to. I will post a picture when it is complete.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

What a pretty little tree Amy! The nicest tree I think we have ever had was only about 3.5 feet tall! I like them small :)
Sounds like you had a nice weekend also.

MX said...

Can't wait to see that new basket!

Sharon said...

It is a pretty little tree. I wouldn't mind a little one myself, but I'm not sure there's any more room for a little one than a bit one. Since they don't have a piney smell, I picked up a wreathe from CostCo the other day - love to walk by it.