Friday, July 14, 2006

Blue Sky Baby Sweater

None of my numerous neices or nephews have begun to begat, so I seldom have cause to knit baby things. Because they are small, baby things are about as close to instant satisfaction as you can get, short of knitting socks. Since I have limited experience with babies, but know they don't follow standard sweater proportions, I looked for a pattern. Allison, Fiber Godess and store manager at Jimmy Bean's Wool in Reno, suggested the Blue Sky Organic Cotton baby sweater pattern. I do believe this is the only time I have both followed a pattern and used the suggested yarn. I really like the stitch pattern, even though the photo on the pattern makes the baby look a bit like the Michelin Man. It knitted up fast and didn't require any more blocking than a toss in the wash and dryer.

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Sharon said...

Wow! That is super-cute. I couldn't figure out how that yarn could make a baby sweater. Allison is pretty smart, doncha think?