Thursday, July 06, 2006

Kiwi Project hits a setback already

My plan was to use a woodburning tool to burn patterns all over the wheel's parts, then stain the wheel fancy colors. My plans hit bottom when I did a little research today and found out that performing pyrography on MDF is a major no-no, since it releases toxic chemicals. That, followed by further research that indicated that standard wood stains do not work too well on MDF, was quite a disapointment. Time for Plan B.....

Just in case I continue with the woodburning plan on the hardwood parts (everything except the wheel) I did a little practice. This is a simple pattern I burned on the bottom of the somewhat useless kate that came with the Kiwi. It is somewhat useless because it is not tensioned and is too light to stay in place. No great loss if my burning turned out too embarrassing to show in public. If it turns out nice, it can hang out as a decorative bobbin stand. The burning went fine. This weekend I'll get some stains and paints to play with.

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Sharon said...

but can you make it into a Christmas ornament?