Friday, July 21, 2006

Kiwi Phase I Complete!

Tonight I finished the wood burning phase. All pieces are now covered with vines and snakes, even the tension knob! It has been stinkin' hot this week, so when I look back on this project, I'll remember hours of sweating over a hot wood-burning tool.

Tonight the week of 100 degree temps climaxed in a magnificent thunderstorm. The lightning has moved on, but the windchimes are still clanging loudly and there are occasional patterings of big, fat raindrops on the metal porch roof.

Tomorrow, after a necessary stint in the garden, I can dive into painting. Currently I am thinking purple for the wheel, blue for the frame and mother-of-all, yellow for the footmen, and red for the treadles. And of course green for the leaves and contrasting colors for the snakes and flowers. If this works out well, I may start burning all kinds of things. I already want to do a kitchen table, and maybe the door to my fiber room. For those, I think I'll wait for cooler weather.

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Sharon said...

Impressive. I'm looking forward to the next report.