Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fabulous item from a fabulous friend!

My aging eyesight now requires separate eyeglasses for separate tasks, including a pair dedicated to computer work. My fabulously talented friend Linda makes deliciously soft and fuzzy mohair yarn using kid mohair from Sierra-Tahoe Angora Goats. She dyes the locks in all kinds of colors then blends them together and core-spins them to make fuzzy-lumpy-unique yarn. Since I worried about plunking down my glasses over and over on my glass-topped desk, Linda knit for me a lovely fuzzy square to nestle them in. The picture does not do it full justice because the kid mohair is so fine that my camera's autofocus couldn't focus on it. It has become quite the centerpiece to my desk and the envy of many. Everyone who visits my office wants to pick it up and fondle it. Many thanks, Linda!

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